• Quanzhong An 安全忠

    An Qiao Group (NY) Chairman

    Motto: Broad vision is the key to success.

    Successful entrepreneur in real estate. China's Philanthropist of the Year in 2017, donated over 30 million RMB supporting China education.

  • Jianwei Feng, MD 丰建伟

    Memorial Hermann Hospital SW Director

    Motto: There is a will, there is a way.

    Cardiovascular Disease Specialist, recipient of "Best Doctor" for multiple years. He is also the director for Asia department

  • Eric Fang 房文清

    Houston Shandong Association President

    Motto: There is no excuse, only action.

    A self made entrepreneur who successfully built a company from scratch in two years after migrated to USA from China, and a respected leader in Houston local community.

  • Wea Hwa Lee 李蔚华

    Southern News Group Chairman

    Motto: Promote Chinese American in the main stream.

    Southern News Group includes Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Washington, and Austin Chinese News, USAsia Today

  • Louis Lam 林志斯

    American Asian United Business Association President

    Motto: Embrace the best concept, and be open minded.

    Long time San Francisco Asian American community leader. Chairman of American Teo Chew Business Association and Teo Chew Association, has extensive network and resources in San Francisco, Hong Kong and mainland China.

  • Jinbo Liu 刘金波

    Silicon Valley Innovation & Development Center China Founding Partner

    Motto: Embrace the best concept, and be open minded.

    Founded Silicon Valley Incubator, Hairun Lab, WoYuan Capital, Silicon Valley China Business News, Silicon Valley China Web, helped UC Davis World Food Center established in China. Organizer of North America Entrepreneurship Competition.

  • Lei Liu 刘磊

    American Shandong Chamber of Commerce

    Motto: Remember history to win peace.

    A successful business entrepreneur, and a collector of Japanese invading China historical items. He held an exhibition in Washington DC in 2015 as the first Chinese individual to have such an honor.

  • Ken Lo 骆焜祺

    World Journal San Francisco President

    Motto: Help develop the young generation is our responsibility.

    Successfully organized Model Entrepreneur Competition with Columbia University in 2016. A respected leader in Chinese news media.

  • Lin Kong 孔琳

    Florida Shandong Association President

    Motto: Believe in our culture, and achieve impossible.

    A research scientist and a promoter of Chinese Confucius culture for decades.

  • Daniel Mei, Ph.D. 梅路村

    Texas A&M University Professor

    Motto: Solid scientific foundation is the key to innovation.

    A leading researcher in energy field, specialized in mechanical, instrument, pressure sensor and oil & gas engineering projects.

  • Christi Mei, 秦鸿钧

    Southern News Vice President, Director of News

    Motto: Life is a book waiting to be written by you.

    A writer, producer and screenwriter. Her work has received various awards.

  • Xianqin Qu 曲显琴

    Board Member of Chinese Overseas Exchange Association

    Motto: Charge forward, life will always reward those who are diligent with kind hearts.

    A community leader, and self-made entrepreneur. She has devoted to helping new immigrants succeed.

  • Stephen Sham 沈时康

    Mayor, City of Alhambra, California

    Motto: Understanding the American political system will help you understand many issues.

    Advisor to American Teo Chew Association. Past President, National League of Cities, Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials

  • Harry Sun 孙铁汉

    Houston Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chairman

    Motto: Unite together is the only way we can get stronger.

    A long time servant of local community, and former Chairman of US Shandong Fellowship Association.

  • Michael Tang 汤学武

    Tang & Associates, Managing Partner

    Motto: Action speaks louder than words.

    Chairman of New York Shandong Association, recognized as Top 50 Outstanding Asian Business Professionals by Asian American Business Development Center.

  • Steve Ting 丁永庆

    Shinshin Educational Foundation, Vice Chairman

    Motto: Helping our next generation is our responsibility.

    Dedicated to improving education in poor regions of China for over 15 years. ShiShin has helped built over 350 schools in rural China

  • David Wang 王幼伟

    TopTom Corporation President

    Motto: Stand up in any opportunity, and help others.

    Committee Chair of New Jersey Shandong Association, a successful technology entrepreneur in IT field for 25 years, founding member of CapitalOne.

  • Chunbo Wang, Ph.D. 汪春波

    HB Science Technology Innovation Chairman

    Motto: To be integrity, honesty, and success.

    President of New Jersey Shandong Association. He received his Ph.D. from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and taught at UC and Rutgers University

  • Ulan 乌兰

    ECUS International Inc President

    Motto: Work hard then everything seems easy.

    An author, producer, publisher and news reporter for KAZN AM1300. She produced the Overseas Youth Startup Dream interview series, is a LEAP advisor, and advisor for US International Leadership Foundation Los Angelas Chapter.

  • CC Wu 吴金柱

    China Overseas Friendship Association Standing Board Member

    Motto: Leadership is a great trait that I value in young people.

    Chairman of Korean Chinese Foundation, publisher of Korean American World, Advisor to America International Young Leaders Forum, received Gold Medal from US President for his volunteering activities.

  • Joey Yu 于泽伟

    Chinese American Federation, Executive President

    Motto: See the sun before sunrise!

    President of Global Hawks Inc. Former Chairman of US Shandong Fellowship Association, 20 years of experience in logistics. Former VP for UPS and DHL.

  • Abe Yu 于文孝

    US Shandong Fellowship Association former Chairman

    Motto: Think about others and help them whenever needed.

    Devoted his life in helping new immigrants to develop their career in Miami, and built one of the most successful Chinese restaurant picked by CNN as one of the top ones in the US.

  • Andy Zhang 张勇

    American Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce, President

    Motto: Culture is the solid root of our endeavors.

    Chairman of New World INT'L Investment, a successful real estate developer with business in US, Canada, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

  • David Zhang 张啟敏

    CalTPA Board Member

    Motto: Key to success lies in our foundation.

    Member of American Teacher's Association, published many books in foreign languages study, his thesis "The key to encourage students study" received excellent thesis from US International Applied Education Committee.

  • Leo Zhao 赵昊阳

    Liron Lighting, President




  • SEAN PENG 彭寿臣


    Chairman of US Shandong Fellowship Association, CPA, CFA. An MBA graduate of Texas A&M University. He has devoted the past ten years to helping the local Chinese community in San Francisco bay area, successfully organized the San Francisco Asian Youth Talent Competition in 2016.

  • Yuanyuan Song 宋媛媛


    Secretary for US Shandong Fellowship Association, in charge of public relations, marketing and news of the 100 Rising Stars Program, a long time contributor to community.

  • Howard Sun 孙连生

    Chief Supervisor

    Chief Supervisor of US Shandong Fellowship Association. He successfully built one of the largest Chinese news media "". He is also the executive Vice Chairman of New York Shandong Association and have served local community for many years.

  • Jane Chen 陈杰

    Committee Member

    Vice President of San Francisco Shandong Association, responsible for news and publicity of 100 Rising Star program

  • Peter Wang 王鹏

    Committee Member

    Board Member of San Francisco Shandong Association. Responsible for logistics support for 100 Rising Stars program.

  • Qi Dong 董琪

    Committee Member

    Board Member of San Francisco Shandong Association, responsible for logistics support of 100 Rising Stars program