About Us Shandong Fellowship Association

Established in 1992 and registered in New York, US Shandong Fellowship Association Inc (全美山东同乡会联合总会) is a non-profit alliance fellowship association with charter association members in New Jersey, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. All the local charter associations have over 200 board members, and over ten thousand members.

The Association aims to strengthen the ties between Shandong fellows, friends and relatives living in the United States, strengthen friendship, and enhance

mutual understanding, so as to help fellows work together and cooperate with each other in solidarity. The Association will assist charter association members develop its business; promote the fine traditional Chinese culture, advance the social, cultural and economic exchanges between Shandong Province and the United States; and encourage folks to live in harmony with local Chinese communities, other ethnic groups and American people, and actively participate in the political and public welfare activities in order to win the interests and rights for all Chinese.

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  • Over three decades of promoting culture through Confucius Memorial Ceremony
  • Million of dollars raised and invested in education
  • Provided financial aids to tens of thousands of students in America and China
  • Assisted building schools in Shandong
  • Hundreds of volunteers across the US
  • Over 30 years of serving Shandong Fellows